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dream gardens

where do the leaves and petals fall
when the garden is a reflection of a dream?

an infinite network of ecological dreams, bound together in growth and process. each garden a fractal projection of infinite dreams, emanating from a sea of nothingness.


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dream gardens is a collection of 128 unique NFTs (ERC-721) manifestations of dreams using state-of-the-art neural network models.

each dream garden manifests as a high-quality photo-realistic generative image, accompanied with an unique description. dream gardens NFT holders fully owns the rights to their image, and are free to exploit it however they wish (commercially or otherwise).

dream gardens can be transmuted permanently into nightmare gardens.


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dream gardens NFTs have been fully minted out on Jan 25th, 2022. dream garden holders will have special benefits in dream seeds (phase II)

( 128/128 minted, 0.064Ξ each )



a beautiful dream garden can be transmuted in to nightmare garden at any time, in which your dream garden will seeded into the neural network to be re-manifested as a nightmare garden. an event will transpire upon the complete transmutation of all 128 gardens.

transmute garden ⇢

(Note: this function permanently alters the NFT token onchain, including image and description, and is irreversible.)



samples of manifested dream gardens
(view on opensea)

Eddie Lee (@eddietree)

a computer graphics designer based in Los Angeles and the founder of the independent game studio Funktronic Labs.

Cosmographia (@thecosmographia)

seeking descriptions of a world beyond physical substance