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dream seeds

an entire universe of life unto itself
a doorway opening into another cycle of life.


dream seeds is a botanical collection of 1300 beautifully unique NFTs (ERC-721) manifested using AI. inside each seed lingers a world of possibility, endless beating hearts of regenerative dreams.

each dream seed image is manifested using state-of-the-art neural network models. all NFT holders under the dream gardens world fully owns the rights to their image, and are free to use it however they wish (commercially or otherwise).


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anyone can mint a dream seed and use it to manifest a dream landscapes. however, only dream garden holders can use dream seeds to summon protectors (i.e. mint characters, see below). all will be revealed 24-hours after public mint begins.

( 1300/1300 minted, 0.04Ξ each )


our team is committed to planting 10 trees for each dream seed minted by donating towards One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to giving back to the environment, creating a healthier climate, protecting biodiversity, and helping reforestation efforts.

(update) donation promise has been fulfilled.



each dream seed is uniquely created using advanced AI.
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dream landscapes

dream landscapes

all dream seeds possess the power to birth new botanical worlds and gardens. when a dream seed is planted, it re-manifests as a fully new dream landscape NFT -- a wide high-resolution image created using supercomputer clusters running generative AI models.

dream landscapes are high-resolution (2048 x 512) lossless-quality PNGs formatted to be used as banner/header images (twitter banner, etc).

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protectors of the sacred orchids

who protects your dream gardens while you wake? who tends to the flowers and whispers to the trees in your absence?

within the secret society, there exist two classes: Wardens of the Light and Guardians of Shadows. each has its own specific social structure — Kings (rare), Queens (rare), Prince/Princesses (rare), Knights and Beekeepers — manifested as traits within the NFT metadata. these characters exists as separate NFT tokens in the form of a high-resolution profile image (1024 x 1024) created using neural network AI models.

(*note: summoning only available to dream garden holders)

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wardens of the light

watchers of the landscape and protectors of dreams, they use wisdom of the ancients to ward off darkness and pestilence.

guardians of shadows

beings of the night, notorious and ever-scheming to transform buoyant life into relentless darkness.

seed utility

each dream seed is imbued with the power to summon protectors and birth new worlds. owners have a choice in how they utilize their dream seed. when dream seeds are planted, the NFT itself is burned and the user is rewarded with a new token.

(*note: any planting action is irreversible.)

option 1 - awaiting bloom

should one choose to simply hold onto their dream seed by taking no action, within one month after public mint this dream seed will bloom into new life. the dream seed NFT itself will remain, but its metadata and associated image will be automatically updated to reflect a new unique botanical lifeform. once the seeds have bloomed, they will be unabled to be planted.

option 2 - plant seed

those who plant their dream seed will see it immediately transform into a dream landscape. the planted dream seed NFT will be burned and a new, unique dream landscape will be minted and sent to the user's wallet.

option 3 - plant into dream garden

planting a dream seed into one's existing dream garden will immediately summon a Warden of the Light. the planted dream seed NFT will be burned, and a unique warden of the light character NFT will be minted and sent to the user's wallet. (*dream garden ownership required. dream gardens will not be effected in this process)

option 4 - plant into nightmare garden

planting a dream seed into one's existing nightmare garden will immediately summon a Guardian of Shadow. the planted dream seed NFT will be burned, and a unique guardian of shadow character NFT will be minted and sent to the user's wallet. (*nightmare garden ownership required. nightmare gardens will not be effected in this process)

to plant your dream seeds, please visit:
seed planting tool ⇢
(*note: you may no longer plant seeds after they have bloomed.)

Eddie Lee (@eddietree)

a computer graphics designer based in Los Angeles and the founder of the independent game studio Funktronic Labs.

Cosmographia (@thecosmographia)

seeking descriptions of a world beyond physical substance